ORIGINAL TITLE “Schneeflöckchen”
GENRE Action/Thriller/Comedy
RUNNING TIME 120 Minuten
FORMAT 2,35:1 1080p
LANGUAGE(S)German, English, Turkish, Polish,
SUBTITLES Englisch, German


After an economical and societal collapse, anarchy rules the streets of Berlin in the near future. But the reckless outlaws TAN (35) and JAVID (33) couldn’t care less about what’s happening around them. They have only one goal for the rest of their hopeless lives: to find WINTER (45), the leader of the underground fascist organisation responsible for the murder of both Tan and Javid’s families. Their hunt for Winter gets unexpectedly twisted as Tan’s pecy snack bar quarrel with the chef over the taste of a kebab escalates into a full blown shoot-out in which they accidentally and unknowingly kill the parents of ELIANA (25). Abandoned by the powerless police Eliana hires mulHple bizarre bounty hunters to assassinate Tan and Javid - who are unaware that they have become the targets of a personal vendeca themselves. That is until one day they find a mysterious screenplay which does not only tell Eliana's and their own recent history but also seems to foresee the future in meticulous detail: The script is called ‘Schneeflöckchen’.

All hell breaks loose as everything unfolds exactly like it is written in the wicked story and Tan and Javid are hunted down by polish cannibals, a blind contract killer, the self-made superhero “Hyper Electro Man” and supposedly even god himself. And so they desperately try to break out of the outrageous plot, which has them inevitably closing in on a catastrophic climax. When Eliana's hired hit men all fail to do their job, she decides to take matters in her own hands and sets up an elaborate trap for her adversaries. But meanwhile Tan and Javid have found the writer of the screenplay, a clueless dentist, and force him to rewrite the ending... 


Tirelessly produced over the course of the past four years 'Schneeflöckchen' is the die hard passion project of a wild bunch of Berlin-based independent filmmakers, who set out to make one of the most ambitious German "no-budget" feature films ever. Having the idea for this extraordinary genre movie, we instantly knew that we will never get this financed in a conventional way. The story was way too outrageous and we as filmmakers were yet too unknown to ever be trusted with the budget this movie needed. But we already made up our minds: We will make this film no matter what. So we collected some money from friends, private investors and a crowdfunding campaign, said “Screw it, let’s do it”, went to work and never looked back. We started shooting the film on weekends on a hacked Canon 5D with a small rebel crew which over the years snowballed into a big bananas filmmaking-family of over a hundred people. Against all odds we were able to pull off a real cinematic movie production. Always running on fumes budget-wise, we kept going relentlessly... until today where we finally and proudly present to you what has been the wildest ride of our lives. 


Director Adolfo Kolmerer Guest-Director William James
Writer Arend Remmers Produced by Eric Sonnenburg
Producer Erkan Acar, Adrian Topol, Reza Brojerdi
DOP Konstantin Freyer EDITED BY William James, Robert Hauser
MusiC BY Román Fleischer Sound Marc Reinkober Production Design Isabel von Forster COSTUMES Ann-Kathrin Zieger
MAKE UP Meike Gfrörer Sound Design Nikolas Mühe

Erkan Acar, Reza Brojerdi, Xenia Assenza, David Masterson, Alexander Schubert, Adrian Topol, Gedeon Burkhard, Eskindir Tesfay, Selam Tadese, Martin Goeres, Judith Hoersch, David Gant, Mehmet Kurtulus, Joachim Paul Assböck, Antonio Wannek, Sven Martinek, Mathis Landwehr, Guido Broscheit, Bruno Eyron, Hussi Kutlucan, Katja Wagner, Stephen M. Gilbert,  Angela Hobrig, Folke Paulsen




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Horrrible Imagining Film Festival, USA

Best SFX
Best Ieading actors
Best Director
Best Film
Macabro Film Festival, USA
Audience Award
Horrorant Film Festival, GREECE

Winner "Best Screenplay" Award
Negative Fest, USA
Winner "Best Feature" and "Best Director" 
Haapsalu Horror Film Festival, ESTONIA
Winner Audience Award
Sehsüchte Film Festival, GERMANY
Nominee "Best Feature" Award
Belfast Film Festival
Nominee Black Owl Award
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, BELGIUM
Nominee Critic's Prize
Cinematography Award, NETHERLANDS
Best First-time Director
Best Indie Film
Best European Film

Ithaca Film Festival, USA

Winner "Audience Award" &  Jury Award "Best Directing" 
Cinepocalypse Filmfestival, USA
Winner "Audience Award" &  Jury Award "Best Breakthrough" 
Lund International Film Festival, SWEDEN
Winner Méliès d'Argent (Best Feature)
Fantasy Filmfest, GERMANY
Most successful German Film in history of the Festival


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